‘Moon Maiden, Mother, Crone’

‘Missing’ is a reworking of a theme explored in 2007.  Here the ‘absent’ child is a bruised void.

I used a classic ‘Madonna’ pose to highlight the tender feelings left without an object of affection.

This work explores the themes of miscarriage, phantom pregnancy, and postnatal depression.






In 2010, during the Life Alignment ‘Heal Yourself Heal the World’ workshop, all the pain & loss illustrated in the paintings above was healed. Amazing but true.

The painting ‘Bliss’ is  an attempt to convey  that experience.


Part One: ‘GUARDIAN ANGEL’. 2006

Part Two: ‘THE DRAGON HE IS SLAIN’. 2009

Part Three: ‘CIRCLE DANCE’. 2012

Another ‘healing journey’ is shown here. ‘Circle Dance’  illustrates more than words ever could a personal transformation brought about by Life Alignment

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Original & unique Visionary Art imbued with Resonance & Healing Vibration.

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Poetry & Paintings

illustrating the life transformation  properties of Life Alignment.

A personal journey …

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This is the journey from ‘Missing’ … through ‘Waiting for Neverwas’ …. to ‘Bliss’

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‘Midsummer Solstice’

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