Ali is an experienced Life Alignment Practitioner, trained to the highest Module 6. She uses full Vortex technology, including the Mat. If you need to clear old stuck patterns, or raise your Vibration  to Higher Frequency, please get in touch

A 90 minute session  with Ali costs

£40 - unwaged/low wage

£60 - £80 - waged, depending on your income. You choose what you can afford

​"LIFE ALIGNMENT is a life transforming vibrational energy healing system. Our physical body stores memory of all its experiences. We establish patterns…. Repeating behaviour throughout our lives, different people, different time, same old stuff.... creating dis-ease in our minds & bodies.

​The LIFE ALIGNMENT process brings to the surface our stories, releasing the trapped energy within them… we come into Balance, into Alignment. It brings us closer to being healthy, happy and whole. It is life changing, interactive and extremely effective.

We cannot eliminate our memories, we cannot undo what has happened to us. But we CAN release the trapped energy – the emotional charge of feelings and thought patterns embedded in these memories.

LIFE ALIGNMENT assists us to experience self empowerment & self awareness. It is a tool for personal & global transformation. It is a means for assisting people to shift into higher dimensions of consciousness."

“I sought Ali’s healing help after I was diagnosed with advanced malignant melanoma. I began to experience some improvement in the drug treatment side effects when Ali sent me Remote Healing. I was in a fearful & anxious state when we started our first session of Life Alignment treatment, but I found the interactive process of healing with Ali very empowering, leaving me with a great sense of calm. I look forward to continuing our sessions.” E.S.

“I came to see Ali for Life Alignment Balances during a period of crisis in my life. Ali was warm and caring, and the balances provided a deeper insight into my problems and the upheaval I was going through. They helped me to learn from my experiences and hopefully prevent falling into the same patterns in the future. I also found them reassuring and comforting and they helped me see the bigger picture. Sometimes they were hard work and emotionally draining, but ultimately it was all worth it.” E.H.

How can Life Alignment benefit you? Life Alignment techniques can help you to:…

 Strengthen the immune system & detoxify the body

 Relieve pain & fatigue by healing the related issue

 Improve digestion & assimilation of nutrients

 Increase vitality, self confidence & empowerment

 Identify the root cause of issues and help relieve a variety of symptoms such as sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances, allergies and learning difficulties.

 Balance energy fields of organs, glands & body systems

 Balance the meridians, chakras & subtle bodies, aligning them with the physical body

 Release suppressed emotions, toxicity & stress

 Align the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies.


“Ali came into my life exactly when I needed healing.  Through her gentleness and patience I was able to release pain that I had long carried as well as self doubt and anxiety.  Ali inspired me through her paintings and her life story, I was blessed to meet her.” S.N.

“A Life Alignment Balance with Ali is like coming home.  Relaxation comes easily in this wonderfully calm and supportive space.  Just let go, be open to change and allow the healing to flow.  There is so much more potential for a happy and fulfilled life than, in our darker times, we can imagine.  Life Alignment opens up the possibilities for the unique being that is YOU.”  ADS

“Despair, depression and on a road to nowhere in June 2013. Talking to counsellors' and being on medication for years with no self esteem or hope of ever returning to the person prior to Prozac!

After only 2 months of ‘Life alignment’ with Ali, my life has completely ‘turned’ around.  The drug dose is reducing and the big black cloud that has hung over me is finally lifting..... such a positive experience......the sessions with Ali have literally woken me from some form of existence to make me feel that life is worth ‘grabbing’ with both hands! “ S.K.


“Life Alignment with Ali McNab has had a hugely positive impact on my life. I first saw Ali when I was at a very difficult point in my life and everything felt hopeless. I have come a very long way since then and cannot even express how wonderful and beneficial Life Alignment has been to me - a life changing experience”. F.T-C

"Life Alignment Healing is the most helpful therapy I have ever experienced.  I do not know how it works, but it does!  Its effects are profound but almost imperceptible - you will suddenly notice an improvement.  Whatever your difficulty, be it emotional or physical, give Life Alignment a try.  Ali McNab is an empathic, talented and warm person who will put you at ease very quickly." S.K.

“Ali is a gifted, compassionate, heart-centred healer with an authentic desire to help others. Ali is passionate about Life Alignment work - I thoroughly enjoyed the healing.” L.H.

“Ali came into my life just when I needed her.  It was like she was sent to me.  I needed the intense healing that Life Alignment had to offer.  I wasn’t sure what Life Alignment was exactly but as a practising healer I knew it would do me good.  It was better than good, it really hits the soul, the core of your being and it seemed to work from there outward.  It acts quick, and restores balance back into your life immediately.  It is something that needs to be experienced to totally understand the power of this healing”. E.M.

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