The CHAKRA Series images below are available as BLANK GREETINGS CARDS. Cards are £2 each.

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‘Root Chakra’

Physical & Emotional Security, Belonging, Community, Family

In the centre our Inner Child, Higher Self & Shadow Self; around us our Family & Friends; beyond this our Ancestors, Guides, Teachers & Angels

‘Sacral Chakra’  

Creative Expression, Pleasure, Sensuality

Divine Inspiration flowing from above, through us, out into the world

‘Solar Plexus Chakra’

Self Identity, Self Image, Personal Power

From our place of Inner Power, like an inner radiant sun, we join with others to form a network of Light

‘Heart Chakra’

Acceptance, Love, Compassion, Grace, Gratitude

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to have a beating heart, without the walls & armour, That’s when Life begins.

‘Throat Chakra’

Spiritual Voice, Authentic Expression & Communication

Held by the Great Mother, the Wounded Child is unmasked, releasing joyful Truth to be sent, without fear, around the globe.

‘Brow Chakra’

Internal Vision, Intuition, Inner Knowing

We receive Divine Wisdom in solitude.

Together we share our unique wisdom & inner knowing.

‘Crown Chakra’

Divine Mind, Universal Wonders, Infinite Possibilities

Perfect Peace & the Universe within.

In the end, there is only LOVE & LIGHT

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