‘Root Chakra’

‘Sacral Chakra’

‘Solar Plexus Chakra’

‘Heart Chakra’

‘Brow Chakra’

‘Throat Chakra’

‘Crown Chakra’

The images below are available as BLANK GREETINGS CARDS. Square and A6 cards are £3.00 each or 4 for £10.

A5 cards are £4 each. All with envelopes and wrapped in cellophane. P & P is additional.

Contact mcnabali@yahoo.co.uk  to place an order.



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‘Tree of Knowledge’

‘Sun & Moon Dragon Energies’

‘Mindfulness, Stillness, Balance’

‘Elemental Union’

‘Partner Yoga Mandala’

'Shakti Yoga Mandala'

Oils on canvas.

70cm x 70cm



‘Flower of Love’

‘Midsummer Solstice’

‘Goddess Energy’



‘Divine Feminine’

‘Circle Dance’

‘Chakra Balance’

‘Moon Maiden, Mother, Crone’

‘You are a child of the Universe’

‘You are not alone’


‘Sparks Fly’


‘Beacon of Light’

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‘Pacha Mama - Mother Nature’

‘I am deeply rooted in my Truth’

‘Vital Dance’


Ali Deva Sono (McNab)

Energy Healer and Visionary Artist