“What a fun, supportive, inspiring, productive day it was! Plus delicious food & dog. Ali is a great creative facilitator!” L.T.

“A wonderful day, sharing, healing & expressing, in a safe non-judgemental environment A gift of time to unblock, be creative & enjoy some wonderful home cooked food to boot!” T.T.B

"Ali provides a rare treat - a wonderfully encouraging, relaxing and supportive space where you can discover and be your own, unique self - and feel good about it too! Which means you can then start to release your own, unique creative gift".  A.D.S.

“…Thank you so much for today. You are a wonderful teacher with an insight from beyond eyes. I loved every minute of today”. M.J.

Modality Monday - Creativity Alignment taster evening

“I went with some trepidation as I am unable to draw and I was concerned I would look like a fool when asked to draw. As it turned out, my concerns were completely unfounded, and we had the most marvellous, enlightening and fun evening. Ali de-constructed a picture and showed us the elements of a painting, which we then had to do ourselves. I was able to do a drawing which actually looked like something! There is much more to creativity than drawing. When creativity is brought into relationships, work, everyday tasks and all that you do, it opens up a wondrous world. Don't miss these workshops!” Cherry

“Great weekend. I really enjoyed myself… the changes I feel aren’t dramatic, they are subtle and profound.” A.B.

“… The company and the food and the atmosphere was great. I came home full of inspirations.” T.C.

“I would highly recommend this workshop which is small & intimate & held in Ali’s home. The day was professional & stimulating & will give a kick-start to your creativity in whatever way you wish to express it. Ali is a professional artist & feedback is supportive but informed.” J.D.

" I found the creative writing workshop to be very rewarding in providing a safe, non- judgemental space, which helped to awaken and unblock ideas for written expression.

Ali cleverly paced activities in a timely and sensitive manner by using her creative life alignment skills, which I felt enabled some healing and inspiration to feed into the creative process." ES

“I would like to express my greatest gratitude for the absolutely memorable experience gained during “Creativity Alignment” workshop with Ali. Being in safe, healing surroundings, having delicious homemade food and warm supporting, Ali coaching helped me to reveal my new creative dimensions that I wasn’t aware about. Thank you, Ali. I am looking forward to coming back.” T.Z.

“Wonderful session! Thanks to Ali for such a splendid and inspiring 2 hours” Olga

“It was great! It’s amazing how quickly we can connect to our creativity. Highly recommended” Kasia

“Life Alignment has been a massive force for good in my life.  Ali's root chakra workshop beautifully reflects the power, the integrity and the magic of Life Alignment.  I took my 16 year old daughter along and we both loved it.  It was so healing to play creatively.  I discovered that I can paint!  We left the day feeling Balanced - what more can I say.” C.N.

“A huge thank you for a great workshop.

It was pure alchemy … Truly inspiring.

Thanks too for looking after our tummies as well as everything else. Much appreciated.

Magic happened.” D.M.

CREATIVITY ALIGNMENT was co-created by Lynne Carr and Ali McNab

Lynne Carr and Ali McNab

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‘Creativity is the Love of the Soul in Manifestation.’


Evening and all day transformative LIFE ALIGNMENT workshops.

All workshops can be commissioned on request…

any number from 1 to maximum 6 per workshop.

Concessions are unwaged and low waged.

Please enquire about car share possibilities. There is space for THREE people to be picked up from  Lewes station 30 minutes before the start of each workshop ... at a cost of £5 for the return journey.

The workshops run alongside the usual individual or group LIFE ALIGNMENT healing Balances.

Click here to contact me about workshops, Balance or lift …

Life Alignment Practitioner,

Visionary Artist,

Workshop Leader



EVENING workshop 7pm to 9.15pm: Teas provided.

Women's Circle - £20 or £10 concessions -

Transforming the issues that affect women today... bringing personal & global healing.

Connection and release process of issues that affect our lives and prevent us from being fully in our Power and Joy. Transformative and Illuminating.

Meditation and Life Alignment group healing session

“Powerful work.” E. P-S
“Thank you once again – what a powerful session! “ M-J. S.
“Thank you so much for last night. It was amazing! A real success.”   I. E.
“Thank you for a wonderful evening… honesty openness safety laughter tears friendship nurturing. ... xxx ” H.T.

EVENING workshop 7pm to 9.15pm: Teas provided.

 Men and Women's Circle - £20 or £10 concessions -  

For men and women to sit together in Circle ... to bring Balance to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine - within ourselves, our relationships, our world.

Meditation and Life Alignment group healing session

ALL DAY workshop 10am to 5pm: Bring lunch to share. Teas and nibbles provided.

Developing your 6th and 7th Sense - £60 or £30 concessions -  

Through LIFE ALIGNMENT techniques, the Intention for this workshop is to facilitate the release of any blockages and bring Flow to your Sixth and Seventh Senses; awakening your Soul and Spirit; raising Consciousness; easing your shift into the New Earth Paradigm... Living Heaven on Earth.

Sixth Sense - Intuition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance. 

Seventh Sense - The Awakening and Merging of Soul and Spirit into Consciousness, while embodied.

Lightworkers - Gridworkers and Gatekeepers; Divine Lightkeepers; Transmuters; Healers; Seers; Divine Blueprint Holders; Dreamers; Messengers; Manifestors; Ascension Guides; Wayshowers; Unifiers - all welcome.


"Ali's workshop is a very supportive creative environment to explore a deeper awareness of self, and in doing so it really gave me an better insight of what my strengths are as a lightworker. It was so sweet to connect with my inner child and play in the amazing woods that is her garden of passion and peace, a heartfelt invitation to receive love."     G. J.

ALL DAY workshop 10am to 5pm: Bring lunch to share. Teas and nibbles provided.

Music, Sound and Song - £60 or £30 concessions -  

Through LIFE ALIGNMENT techniques, the Intention for this workshop is to facilitate the release of any blockages around music, sound and song. ... so we can fully manifest our musical potential and ENJOY!

Involves sound healing, voicework, chanting, and singing from the heart.
Bring your voice, bring an instrument. Raising Vibration that's expansive and fun.

Ali Deva Sono (McNab)

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Workshops will recommence in the Spring.

Taking a winter break.

See you then x